Testimonials on behalf of
Caption First

“On behalf of those of us who thoroughly appreciate your company’s professionalism, flexibility and commitment to clients, we’d like to thank you for everything you did to arrange coverage for us this past weekend. We look forward to many years of partnering with Caption First to handle the very important responsibility of providing closed captions for our deaf and hard-of-hearing audience.”
Sharon S.
Fortune 500 technology company

“It has given me great comfort in knowing that you have been here for me, and I would love for Pat and Roy to know just how much I appreciate Caption First for the wonderful service you all have given me.”
Thank you again,
Kris B
Local Government

“I want you to know how much I have valued and appreciated the competence and zeal for customer service demonstrated by everyone who has supported me over the past two years.

I especially want to lift up Michelle McCannon who has done most of the scheduling of events covered for me. Whether the need for a writer is last minute or a meeting gets belatedly rescheduled, she always scrambles to fill the need. And, as a bonus, she’s very pleasant to work with.”
Chuck N.
Fortune 500 technology company

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help and support from my captioners, so I thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Darlene S.
Fortune 500 technology company

“I want to thank our distance captioners, the stenographer, this is some of the best distance captioning I have ever seen, ever.  And I don’t know but — and thank the tech staff who made it possible, and also, I hope we can get a printout of this session because usually, in realtime, captioning you have to figure out at least 10% of the words are misspelled or incorrect and it seems to me we were running 99.95% accuracy in this session.”
Virginia S.
Disability Association

“Basically we loved the service your agency provided and I think we kind of “adopted” Brian and Alan.  They are welcome here any time and we look forward to working with CaptionFirst in the future.  You, the CaptionFirst staff and Brian and Alan made that part of the conference a success with absolutely no stress for us.  Ya’ll Rock!”
Denee S.
State Government for Disability Services

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great work on this year’s Lollypop Farm’s Telethon. We came very close to reaching our goal, actually just a few thousand dollars off.

I appreciate all the effort that is put into preparing for the day of the Telethon. Please pass along my gratitude to everyone at Caption First that participated on this year’s Telethon.”
Kelley H.
Local Television Station

“I want to say that I think you and Roy have such a fine company, and I’m proud to work for you.”
Team Captioner

“I started my job there right when the market started to get bad. It was lucky timing to secure this internship right before. I am very grateful for this opportunity as I have learned so many new things and made many new close friends. Of course, I give most thanks to your team for helping me out. Everyone pitched in to help me out, not just one. I’ve always been convinced that I would’ve never gotten this job had it not been for Caption First.”
Joon O.
Job applicant

“Caption First has been a true lifesaver for me.  I often have to participate on telephone conference calls—something I could not do without the help of the truly professional Caption First organization and staff.  I know that I can count on Caption First to do its best to find coverage and to ensure that the captioners are accurate, professional and reliable.  Thank you!”
Kathleen R.
Federal Agency

“First and foremost, you would receive the most professional and accurate services that you could ask for.

Personally, I have known Patricia Graves, President of Caption First for over fifteen years.  I have used their services for every event that I have presented at and at meetings that I have been asked to participate in. She and her company have given me the capabilities to present and participate with an atmosphere of stress free in communication. Her company’s philosophy of meeting the needs of her clients is top priority. Whether needs to change the setup, preference on font and color scheme; she will use “whatever works” best for you.

Pat Graves and Caption First gives you 110% all the time.  They are on time, in fact, arrives early to be sure that accommodations are set right. Preparation for the event is completed prior to attending and will ask questions to be sure that they are meeting your needs for the events. Caption First also keeps up on the latest technology and ways to help serve her clients better.

In addition, Pat Graves has served ALDA, Inc as our CART Coordinator for the past 3 years as well as serving on the CART Teams and has been with ALDA (Association of Late-Deafened Adults, Inc) from almost the beginning.  We know that by having her as Coordinator that we do not have to worry during the entire convention.  Communication will flow fluently and with accuracy.  She and Caption First has been the recipient of the ALDA Angel Award. Caption First has also provided CART services for our in-person board meetings as well.

There will never be enough words to express our gratitude in the services that she and her company provides for us.
You can’t go wrong by selecting Caption First as your CART provider.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my opinions with you and if you have any specific questions or concerns; I’ll be happy to address them for you.”
Kathy S.
Association of Late Deafened Adults

“I want you to know again how responsive and helpful everyone at Caption First has been to me.  Michelle and Joe are great in meeting my always changing and last minute requests.  My recent trip to India was quite challenging — both in understanding the people as well as scheduling the writers. Due to the time difference, I had a number of wrong requests (I scheduled writers at the wrong time) and both Michelle and Joe were great in finding writers available once we discovered the problems.
Also, the writers do a fantastic job in trying to understand the various people and accents.  While not perfect, I can usually understand what the speakers
are talking about.

Please convey my thanks and appreciation to both the CFI staff as well as the writers.  The current project I’m working on is very challenging (even with no hearing problem) and your staff and writers help make my day less of a challenge.  There is no way I could properly do my job if it wasn’t for them.”
Fortune 500 technology company