Imagine yourself in a meeting, on a teleconference call, in a classroom, or at a place of worship. You see mouths moving yet you hear only the cacophony of indiscernible sounds or, perhaps, nothing at all. Situations like this demand the realtime services of Caption First.

Since 1989, Caption First has provided hundreds of thousands of hours of  realtime captioning services. As a company, we’re dedicated to helping level the playing field for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or whose native language is not English.

We offer captioning services in a variety of different delivery modes, including broadcasts, webinar platforms such as Adobe Connect and WebEx, large displays at conferences, and through a secure web platform for viewing in meetings or classrooms.

Thanks to the high quality and dedication of our certified captioners,  we’re able to deliver accurate text in real time, provide transcripts for reference afterwards, and incorporate captions into existing video files. We make the world accessible a word at a time.

Please contact us for more information about our realtime or post-production captioning services.

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