Transcription services
for multiple uses
Transcript Creation
Caption First offers transcription services tailored to fit your needs.  Our skilled team of transcribers is familiar with a wide variety of subject matters. Many of the transcripts are reviewed by an editor prior to delivery to clarify any possible problem areas identified by the transcriber.

How does the process work?

  1. Contact our Transcription Supervisor at for ordering and pricing information.
  2. Send your media file directly to us via our secure server or the delivery service of your choice.
  3. Our turn-around time is typically three business days, but we can provide a complete transcript in as little as four hours.  The finished transcript is sent back as an attachment to an e-mail or via the delivery service of your choice.

Our two-step quality audio recheck process ensures the best possible and most complete transcript even if the audio is poor or the speakers are difficult to understand.  Creating a transcript from your audio or video media is easy with Caption First.