Enhanced Security
Added protection for
corporate and client data
Enhanced Security

In today’s business world, there is an ever-growing need for enhanced security to protect the confidential information of your company and your clients. One needs only to look at the news headlines to see stories of security breaches and information theft. At Caption First, we have always taken our clients’ security and confidentiality needs seriously.

While our regular services continue to be secure, Caption First has developed a new program that delivers enhanced security to clients who want extra protection for confidential information.

Caption First’s Enhanced Security program provides the following additional layers of security.

  • Password Protection – Both the captioner and the consumers using remote CART (Internet-based captioning) services will need to sign in with a password.
  • Complex URLs – Links to the remote CART text are far more complex than our standard URLs.
  • SSL Encryption – In addition to the complex URL, the link to the secure event will have an https:// address.
  • Destruction of Data – When an event is completed, Caption First captioners will delete all files associated with that event. Deletion is done using DoD-level destruction protocols which include multiple overwrites of the data before the final file deletion, making it impossible to recover a deleted document.
  • Background Checks – Anyone having access to your confidential information is put through rigorous credit and criminal history background checks. Additionally, all offices are inspected to ensure the physical safety and security of your information.
  • Secure Email – All emails containing confidential information or information on how to access that information are sent via secure email. This secure email service is limited to captioners who have completed and passed the background and security checks, as well as select Caption First staff members who need access to these emails to coordinate services.

Caption First’s enhanced security capabilities are not for everyone and not for every meeting. However, if your company needs this extra layer of security, Caption First stands ready to serve you. For more information, please email: Info@CaptionFirst.com or call 800-825-5234 and press option 208 when prompted.

Caption First, dedicated to protecting your confidential information.