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Let Caption First be part of the turnkey solution for all convention events
Turnkey Solutions

A large auditorium fulled with people watching a presenter speak on a large screen with captions. ©2011 Caption First Inc.Setting up conventions and dealing with all of the details and processes can be overwhelming.  At Caption First, we know the benefit of handing you a turnkey solution for all communication access.  From your very first contact with Caption First, your needs are being cared for. 
A presenter speaking on a large screen with captions in dual languages. ©2011 Caption First Inc.
When renting equipment from Caption First’s extensive inventory of encoders and other equipment, be assured that everything is well maintained and tested before shipping.  Your technical AV team will receive diagrams, schematics and narratives of how to insert the caption encoders into the system.

With an understanding of the convention venue, we will be able to give suggestions on where to place the realtime text, where to have the captioner sit, and how best to edify the attendees’ convention experience.  The combination of our highly skilled and trained realtime captioners and our knowledgeable scheduling and technology teams will ensure your life will be made easier with the turnkey solutions that Caption First offers during conventions.