Realtime Training…
Personalized and hands-on
Personalized Training

No two realtime writers have the same skill set, and no two people learn the same way. Caption First’s training is personalized, starting with a skills assessment followed by having the needed modules being taught. Our personalized training is done virtually hands-on with the teacher watching all actions.

Who should do it? New or experienced court reporters transitioning to CART or captioning as well as anyone who desires to refine their realtime skills.

Equipment/Proficiency Requirements: Writers must have knowledge of their CAT software (or access to software support), Internet access, telephone access, and a set of headphones.

Training Dates: On-demand training, with dates and times to be set by the course participant and the instructor.

CEUs Earned: Training will be worth up to a maximum of 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU), if all 10 hours are completed.

Instructor: Karen A. Ruud, CRI, Manager of Training for Caption First

Email and Phone: – 719-321-2189