Realtime Training…
Personalized and hands-on
CEU Modules


Skills Evaluation & Training Customization (1 hour/0.1 CEU):

Participants will connect to the instructor through a streaming text application to undergo this skills evaluation module, to assess current skill level, and to determine refinement needs. Recommendations for proficiency modules will then be made based on review of the writing sample and on participant/instructor feedback and discussion. Participants will connect in realtime to the instructor for each of the selected modules.

Conflict Resolution (2 hours/0.2 CEU)

Participants will write material designed to root out sound-alikes and conflicts lurking in their dictionaries, including one-word/two-word conflicts and phrase/word conflicts. Steno resolutions will be discussed throughout the exercise. (Note: Customized drills and practice sentences will be developed by the instructor after the completion of the training session for ongoing reinforcement of theory changes.)

Numbers (1 hour/0.1 CEU)

Proper translation of numbers is critical for CART and captioning assignments ranging from college math courses to business meetings to earnings calls to sports and weather newscasts. Participants will learn how to achieve the preferred style translation for diverse number variants ranging from dollar amounts, to large numbers, to sports statistics and scores, ages, dates and more.

Punctuation, Symbols, & Parentheticals (1 hour/0.1 CEU)

There are differences in how punctuation is defined for CART and captioning and in knowing how to write both symbols and punctuation to achieve optimal readability. Participants will also receive guidance on the use of environmental and descriptive parentheticals that convey nonverbal sounds or actions for a consumer.

Word Boundary, Prefix-Suffix, Stacking (1 hour/0.1 CEU)

Discover the hidden word boundary pitfalls that can derail your translation, and learn how maximum use of prefixes and suffixes will enhance your realtime. Gain an understanding of how to best utilize stacking entries in your dictionary to clean up your writing.

Alphabets, Acronyms, and Fingerspelling (1 hour/0.1 CEU)

Receive instruction on the essential alphabets for CART and captioning (can be expanded to include additional alphabets for judicial realtime). This session provides coaching on fingerspelling and on handling the acronyms that you’ll confront in business meetings, webinars, and conferences.

Intro to Remote CART Assignments – What Can I Expect? (2 hours/0.2 CEU)

Preparing effectively for CART and captioning assignments is key to topnotch translation. Participants will learn prepping tips and then write segments of webinar presentations, church services, business meetings, commencement addresses, and college classes, with the instructor observing, analyzing, and providing feedback. Guidance will be given on how to handle speaker changes, slang, profanity, and lazy speech.

Mock Realtime Skills Exams and Coaching on Translation (1 hour/0.1 CEU)

How close are you to passing a realtime skills exam? Participants will prep for and write a minimum of three mock exams, receiving translation analysis and guidance in between each on errors, drops, and pushing through tough spots.

Instructor:  Karen Ruud