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Disability Services


Our goal is to serve the Disability Services coordinator, who in turn serves the students.  We are team players and want to be the first place turned to for all realtime speech-to-text services as well as for transcription. Students viewing captions while a Stenographer writes what is being said. ©2011 Caption First Inc.

Caption First is willing to train students and professors on the best use of remote CART services and equipment.  A well-educated team is a successful team!

Caption First can provide full speech-to-text accessibility in a multitude of environments, whether, in the classrooms, lecture halls, for school activities, entertainment or for graduations.  Laptops, microphones and encoders are available for rent.  We invite you to contact us for all of your CART and captioning equipment needs as well as training, troubleshooting and technical expertise.

Our staff will assist you with pricing, scheduling and technology.  Be assured of receiving the best customer service and attention to your needs.