Empowered employees
make the difference
Company success is reflected in employee satisfaction
Employee Support

Employee Productivity

There are many books out about corporations: how to create them, how to grow them, and how to structure corporations to last.  ThA male stenographer and a female professional smiling while viewing text on a laptop. - ©2011 Caption First Inc.ere is advice about the utilization of selected technologies.  It is taught that corporations need to have a simple core value and a purpose for existing that is not merely money driven.  And, finally, the truth exists that the most important asset to a corporation is the “right” people.

Through CART and captioning, Caption First can raise the productivity of your company’s employees.  Employees who are deaf or hard of hearing can instantly view the realtime text of everything that is spoken in their meetings.  This gives the employee increased access to information that is crucial for excellent job performance.  Employees use remote services to collaborate on conference calls and participate in webcasts.

Recruit and retain some of the best candidates in the industry.  Empowered employees make a difference within enlightened corporations.

Executive Support

Smiling business professionals from several cultures. ©2011 Caption First Inc.

  • Realtime English text
  • Mobile access
  • Confidentiality

English is one of the top ten most influential languages in the world and is often seen as the International language for business. Realtime text supports executives (and other employees) whose native language is not English. All of the spoken words are viewed on a computer screen or mobile device so everyone can follow along and participate in realtime. And as an added benefit, Caption First services allow an executive to keep any hearing loss confidential.