Communication Access for
Realtime Translation

CART stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation. CART is a service in which a certified CART provider listens to speech and instantaneously translates all the speech to text.  Display options include computers, projection screens, monitors or mobile devices.  The realtime text may be displayed as a full screen of large text at the front of the room or the text may be incorporated onto the same screen as a PowerPoint presentation. 
A Stenographer sitting next to a professional or student providing captions in real time. ©2011 Caption First Inc.
Small Group CART

A Stenographer providing captions on a projector to several business professionals. ©2011 Caption First Inc.

Remote CART
Remote CART streams text to a secure Internet URL for viewing, and may be displayed on a variety of computers, projection screens and/or mobile devices. Thousands of participants may simultaneously view the streaming text.  Multiple levels of security and protection are available, based on your needs. The requirements for remote CART include an Internet connection, display device(s) and a method to ensure the realtime writer hears the audio.

A Stenographer providing captions over the internet to a student. ©2011 Caption First Inc.

Mobile Device CART
Mobile phones and devices are more powerful now than the original computers that ran the first space program! Receiving CART on a mobile device is a solution that provides independence, choice and freedom. How does it work and where does it work? The device needs to be able to simultaneously browse the Internet and make a call. Imagine yourself in a exhibit hall, talking with a vendor.  The call is established, the Internet link is established and consumer holds the phone in such a manner that allows the discussion to be heard and read simultaneously.

A Stenographer providing captions to a smartphone. ©2011 Caption First Inc.

Convention CART
Convention CART is a way to display a full screen of text or a layered PowerPoint and text combination.  This display is projected onto large screens for the benefit of the entire audience.  Oftentimes in large venues it is difficult to hear the speakers clearly and there may be a lot of audience and ambient room distractions.  For a person with a hearing loss or for a person whose native language is not English, these distractions present a barrier to communication.  Having a large display screen with the flowing text allows audience members to focus on the message rather than straining to hear and comprehend. 

A Stenographer providing captions to a projector screen and a television. ©2011 Caption First Inc.